I offer a Variety of Shapes to Fit your Nails & Lifestyle 

Variety of shapes and sizes are available.  For a more detailed explanation of each nails fit, read more The best way to find your sizes is with my Fit Kit Sample Sizing Pack.  Buy it here  Handmade sets are made to order,  sizing varies by small increments, so you should be able to find your perfect fit.

Its a good idea to consider both your lifestyle and your own natural nailed shape and health when considering your.  A good rule of thumb to follow on length for everyday nails, is to order a length 2X's the length (or shorter) of your natural nail bed.  Ordering nails too long for your lifestyle or nail bed may be harmful & cause undue stress on your natural nails. 

**Some clients have natural nail beds that are not easily fit.  If you think you are someone with particularly flat, scooped/shoveled, or overly curved nail beds, please consider this when choosing a shape. If you have a particular nail issue where you would like a consult feel free to contact me with questions.


pamper yourself


My local nail shop could never! I just can't find a place that does this trendy art. So happy I found you!


All I have to say is that Jennifer is AMAZING love my set! I've ordered two more sets and can't wait to get them in. Thank you for everything you do Jennifer.