Application & Removal

Thank you for purchasing your Queen Custom Claws!

Here are some helpful videos and links to guide you through your press-on nail journey!

With these helpful tips & tricks you'll maximize nail retention & keep your claws looking their best. Finally, you'll discover how to maintain the health of your natural nails with careful removal of your press-ons. Of course contact me with any questions!

Application, Care, & Removal

Learn how to properly prepare your natural nails for enhanced press-on nail retention.

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Get a perfect visual for the proper amount of glue to use when applying your nails.

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Use sticky tabs for temporary nail application, or to hold pop offs til removal.

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Use glue or double sided gel stick pads to apply your nails. Check out the application prep kit!

1: Clean and dry your hands and nails
2: Push back cuticles
3: Clip or file and shape natural nails
4: Use alcohol wipes to dehydrate the nail beds
5: FIRST DRY FIT NAILS TO ENSURE PROPER FIT.  Glue/ stick nails on one by one, pressing and holding for 15-30 seconds to ensure hold
6: Avoid water for the next hour
*TIP. Substitute your favorite glue that works best with your body chemistry. 
*TIP. Using a nail primer is useful to dehydrate the nail bed prior to application. Sally Beauty offers a variety of primers and nail adhesives. IBD is great for long wear.

**Please note, when applying (especially w/Bling Nails) take care not to over bend the "C" curve  by either flattening out the nail too much or by pinching the nail too tight at the side walls; this can cause the gel nail product or gems to pull away from the base. Bling, Chrome, Caviar/microbead and Foil nails are Luxe Nails and as such are not ideal for rigorous wear and tear. It is not uncommon loose a gem.

Care & Maintenance

With proper care, your press-on nails can last up to two weeks. Remembering that nails are jewels, not tools, helps maintain their condition. Selecting nails of an appropriate length and style for your lifestyle ensures longevity.

When wearing matte nails, avoid contact with oils and beauty products which may stain your matte finish. Wash matte nails with dish soap or rubbing alcohol to remove oils or residue.

Finally, oiling your cuticles daily can help prolong the retention of your nails by enhancing natural nail health.

When you are ready to remove your press on nails, proper, and patient nail removal, can help you preserve your nails, so that they can be reworn. If you purchased an application prep kit, you'll find the included tools helpful.

Press-on Nail Removal
Gently remove your press-on nails, not recommended for fresh application, only soak to remove after minimum 5 days post glue application.

How to Remove Your Press-ons

You can remove nails permanently by clipping, filing, & soaking in acetone.  **your custom claws will NOT BE REUSABLE USING THIS METHOD. 

Removing & Reusing your Claws

Be patient and gentle when removing your claws so you can protect your natural nails, and preserve your enhancement claws! 

It’s not recommended to attempt removing newly glued nails or nails glued with resin, acrylic, or gel. To remove nails, soak hands in warm water solution of soap and natural oil.  Soak for a good 10-15 mins. Using the included nail removal tool, slide the pointy flat side around the edges of your nails, gently lifting the edges. Then,  with to the floss side of your tool, slowly slide the floss between your natural nail and your claws. NEVER PULL OR RIP your claws OFF. If you experience discomfort stop immediately and try soaking your hands longer, before trying again. It is important that you never force a nail off, as this can damage your natural nails/nail plate. 
Once your claws are removed, put them back on the included adhesive strip, and tuck them back into the Queen Custom Claws box for later reuse! Collect and expand your nail wardrobe!

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